I thOught yoU Loved hiM?

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But I saw you play with him, I saw you talk with him, tuck him him in, I saw and heard you tell him that you loved him. You told us that you would love us forever. Ok now I see that you lied to me and that’s fine, but why did you lie to him? What did he do to you? Did you love him based solely on the condition that we would work out? Now that I am wiser, I am glad that you are gone. . .I was just thinking that because you were the only man to ever soothe him after a bad dream, the man who taught him how to catch a football, and hit a baseball. I thought because you have been the only father he has ever known that it would have at least been harder for you to leave without ever looking back! I feel bad because this is all my fault. He never would have felt so abandoned had I not let you into our lives. . .Thank you though, he had to learn that everyone that claims that they will love you forever really will not . .Disappointment is a part of life, lesson learned. . .so I guess I owe you a thank you. . .

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