Love doN’t hIt. .

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So he punched you in the face and didn’t worry about you telling your big brother because he knew you loved your brother too much to put him in a position to go to prison, he dared you to tell your father, because he knew that your father was merely an older version of himself, so when you finally told your father, he sat down with your boyfriend and simply wanted to make sure that you deserved it cause he doesn’t mind him hitting you as long as he ain’t hitting you for nothing, he believes that “women need to be put in their place”… Or as an older woman you still haven’t faced his “hand problem” head on because your pride won’t let you admit it and that you are too intelligent to tell anyone that because of the way that you grew up that you thought fighting with your spouse was normal…in case you have never heard…love does not hurt, love does not harm, love does not hit…

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