That’s wHy yoU FAt noW!!!

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This is why you fat now!

I simply can’t believe our people sometimes! Here we have a young African American young lady that has represented our nation with poise style and grace that is being criticized by her own people! Most of the women that are talking about the condition of her hair are vastly obese and out of shape. Their reason for not working out is…get this, “I don’t want to sweat out my perm!” That’s why you fat now!! Not to mention the fact that most of y’all that are talking are single and if you have someone, he thinking about leaving. . . Besides wearing braids, what else could she do with all the sweating and training she has do in order to be a champion. I’m glad she didn’t wear braids, because somewhere there is a little girl who feels better about the grade of her hair. Let me help you out… A flat stomach beats out a flat iron any day! Now I love me a proportionate plus sized woman and I am not talking to you as long as you were not talking about Gabby! If you are skinny and talking about our champion, I hope the wind blows and you crack your hip. (I apologize to all the beautiful chunky women that may have been hurt in the writing of this post!) Overall I am not a believer in responding to hate with hate, this was simply meant to be seriously funny. (I am just joking but Im serious too)

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