The Epilogue

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Tina had just completed her first year of college and was looking forward to her next semester. She sat quietly trying to figure out what she would do with the free time the summer afforded her. She was a little disappointed that Malik didn’t invite her to Miami. Malik glared at Tina as he said, “I own you woman. As much as I have done for you and your broke mama. You better not leave this house until I get back from my trip. I will be gone for about a week. Stay your dumb tail in this house. I am not playing with you! You know what, go out if you want to, no one wants you anymore. You are damaged goods. You need to be glad that I keep you around. I will be back in about a week. You better have this house straight.”

Tina hung her head and couldn’t believe that she had gotten herself into a relationship like this. When she thought about it, he did own her. If she left him, not only would she get hurt but Malik would stop looking after her mother and that would hurt Tina more than any physical abuse that Malik could dish out.

It had been two days since Malik had gone and Tina was content staying in the house as she was told. It was actually quite peaceful. Her mind wouldn’t let her clearly see an exit strategy. Every time she called her mother to talk about her situation her mother would try to see the bright side of her relationship. “You don’t have to pay for nothing. You get anything you want. You act like the man is ugly or something.” Tina would always think, “I want nothing, need nothing, and he is indeed the ugliest man on the inside that she had ever known.”

Tina put on her clothes and decided to leave the house for a change. Malik’s words had played on repeat in her mind for the last couple of days. She had begun to believe that no one wanted her but him. She would find out tonight. Tina looked in the mirror and smiled. She felt that she looked desirable. She felt that there would at least be one person that would find her attractive.

Tina sat in the car and was scared to pull out of the driveway. She wasn’t scared of Malik, she was scared that he could be right. What if no one noticed her? What if she was indeed invisible? She put the car in reverse and decided that even if her worst fears were realized she would at least know the truth.

Tina stepped out of the white S class Mercedes Benz as the valet traded places with her and it was confirmed that Malik was a liar. She felt like royalty. Four guys reached for her hand as she attempted to step up on the curb. She saw women smiling in approval of her. She even saw a few women roll their eyes at the attention she was receiving. Tina felt drunk with all of the attention. She held her head up high and walked straight into the club as the bouncer held the door for her. She had no idea why she didn’t have to wait in line. She just followed the direction of the security and they told her to walk on in, so that’s what she did.

Tina was stopped every couple of steps by men and women. Men just wanted to talk to her and the women asked her about her outfit. Questions she couldn’t even answer. Malik bought her the finest clothes so that she would look amazing whenever they went out together. The outfit she had on tonight was something she pulled out of the closet and threw on. She remembered pulling a tag off of the dress. All she knew was that the dress cost three thousand dollars. Her shoes were about fifteen hundred. Her clutch cost about a grand but she had no idea how much her accessories cost. She wished that she had the courage to tell them that she would give all of her clothes away for a peace of mind.

Tina had heard every line that a man could possibly say. She had heard it all. She was ready to go. It had been confirmed that Malik was not the only man by a long shot that found her attractive. The club owner had come out from his office and offered her free admission whenever she wanted and access to the club’s V.I.P section and all the drinks she could handle. He just wanted her to show up and be present on a nightly basis.

Tina looked down at her pager and read a message from Malik. People had informed him that Tina was out and she knew that there would be hell to pay. She decided to have a bit more fun before she went home. She just didn’t know with whom. She thought of all the women that Malik cheated on her with and how disrespectful he was. He didn’t even try to hide his infidelity from her. Tonight she would do whatever she wanted to to do. Even if it would be for only one night.

Tina sat at the bar for a while and no one moved her. She began to get sleepy and decided to head for the door. As Tina walked towards the door she got cut off by a tall strikingly handsome man. His smile sparkled and he smelled fresh in the midst of the smoke filled room. He extended his hand towards Tina and spoke with a confidence that made Tina’s love come down. He smiled and said, “Here Am I.” Tina smirked a little and then said,

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, I just wanted you to know where I stood. It looked like you were looking for me. I said Here Am I because I want you to know that you are worth more than a simple Here I am.” Tina smiled and said,
“Okay, what’s the difference?”

“I am glad you asked. Here I am denotes my geographical location on this earth as in standing on this dance floor in this club for instance. Like Here I am, I am right here you see?”

“I see that you are right there.”

“Good, Here Am I on the other hand denotes my availability. Here Am I lets you know that no matter where I am on this earth, I am available to and for you. I am he, he the one you were looking for. You ready to go?”
Tina understood what he was saying and she was indeed looking for someone like him. Someone that would take her breath away. He had done just that.
Tina looked around the expensive penthouse suite as she slipped out of her shoes. She looked at the fine man that sat across from her and heard everything that he said, “My name is Justin. Today is my last day in the States. I may never come back. I took a job in Japan that will pay me more than I could ever imagine. I went out tonight to have a good time. I thought I had failed until I saw you. I am happy now. I am good if this is all we do. Drinks with the most beautiful woman I laid eyes on in a while will suit me just fine.” Justin leaned back in his chair as he closed his eyes and sipped on his drink. Tina felt her clutch vibrating and thought about how the rest of her week would go and closed her eyes and shook her head.

Justin kept his eyes closed as he felt the softest lips press against his and heard the voice of an angel say, “Let’s see if we can’t make your last day in the states memorable at least.. . ”

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