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I know He is real. . .? The whole story

»Posted by on Mar 25, 2010 in Jermaine Lewis, Short Stories | 4 comments

Chuck sat on the edge of his bed and thought of all the decisions he had made that caused him to be sitting in the position he was in, depressed, starving, and broke. The solution had one bullet left and a deadly assignment, seconds before the trigger was pulled the suicide was interrupted by the ringing of the phone, Chuck answered and said, “what up Dee?” Chuck had been clean for 5 years now and things were going great. His wife was supportive, and had forgiven him for things that he had yet to forgive himself for doing. Chuck had grown up in the church and was an honor roll student his whole life, went on to be a permanent member on the Dean’s List at Hampton University. One night feeling bored and unchallenged by life, Chuck decided...

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